HAIRCUTS & Related Services

A customized haircut to fit your individual style and preferences. Includes shampoo & blow-dry. All ages/genders: 75.-

Olaplex Restorative Treatment
Olaplex  makes hair stronger, healthier and will dramatically reduce (and in many cases eliminate) breakage. This two-part treatment is applied to dry hair and combed through. Hair is then shampooed, conditioned and styled. A take-home treatment is available for purchase separately.  65.-/ or 35./with color service
Deep Conditioning Treatments
Hair is shampooed, treated with customized oil/s and or Hair Masque, then washed and blown dry. (without additional services). 55./ Stand alone, 30.- with another service.


( Electronic or in-Person consultation required for event hair or formal styles. )

Shampoo and Blow-Dry Style

Short (shoulder length) hair starts at 45.-  Longer /Thicker hair additional. Iron work or upstyling/ pinning etc. additional. 

Curling or Flat Iron service

This is for average thickness with no pinning on clean dry hair. Extra long or thick hair additional. 65./ stand alone, or  40.- added to a styling service. 

*This is not event / upstyle hair.  


Hair Painting, Balayage, Highlighting

Consultation required if your hair has been previously colored or if you are new to Balayage and / or Hair Painting. All highlighting services start at 125.- for face-framing, and begin at 185.- for a full head of average thickness hair not requiring extra processing nor containing dark hair dye.

One Process Color
SINGLE process /grey coverage retouch or full head color. Includes shampoo and blow dry. Please note this is not a double process service or a color correction. Not for colors which require pre-lightening. 85.-
One Process Color and Haircut Combination

All over permanent/ grey coverage or semi permanent SINGLE PROCESS color and customized haircut service. Multiple or extra colors, glazes, and highlights additional. Includes shampoo and blow dry. 150.-

Double Process Blonding -initial correction requires consultation
Consultation required. Please book a complimentary consultation or email me current pictures of your hair and what you want it to look like. Pricing depends on amount of products and processes required. To preserve the integrity of your hair, this may require multiple sessions. Final price per session determined before service. Averages 200/ 1st 2 hours.