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Samantha Wilcox

Couture Cuts & Design
Hair Painting & Balayage

Samantha Wilcox

Couture Cuts & Design
Hair Painting & Balayage

Samantha Wilcox

Couture Cuts & Design
Hair Painting & Balayage

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My Personal Quality Guarantee:

I guarantee the quality of my colors, cuts, and styling services. I firmly believe in thorough consultation so that you can have clear expectations of your in-salon hair treatments, results, and home maintenance. I love to design low-maintenance styles and colors as much as I enjoy showing you my current favorite ways to style a more involved look.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will result in a minimum charge of $85 to compensate for the reserved time and resources. I understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, but I kindly request that you notify me as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience. In the event of a no-show, the full amount of the service will be charged, amounting to 100% of the original booking. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting my cancellation policy.

Requesting an appointment ensures that you have read and agree to my policies

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My Services

Haircuts and Related Services

Email consultations are encouraged. I’ll need to see photos of your natural hair in good light and inspiration pictures. For balayage or highlight services, your honest hair history—even if it was “Dyed back to your natural color years ago”—is critical. No judgment, just my absolute commitment to making it as gorgeous as the picture—or better.

Also include quirks about your hair – such as if it’s thicker/thinner/curlier/straighter, etc., than it appears in pictures. This will help me assess time and cost up front and determine if what you want your hair to look like is within my specialty. 

A  specifically customized haircut to fit your individual style and preferences. Includes shampoo & blow-dry if desired. All ages/genders: 85.-

Olaplex is the bond-builder I use, because it’s the original and most effective amongst it’s peers. Bond builders make hair stronger, healthier & dramatically reduce ( in many cases eliminate) breakage. This two-part treatment is applied to dry hair and combed through. Hair is then shampooed, conditioned and styled. 

80.-/ or 40.- added onto a color service

Hair is shampooed, treated with customized oil/s and or Hair Masque, then washed and blown dry. (without additional services). 55./ Stand alone, 30.- with another service. 

Styling Services (Consultation required for event hair or formal styles.)

Short (shoulder length) hair starts at 55.-  Longer /Thicker hair additional. Iron work or upstyling/ pinning etc. additional. 

Clean, dry hair is prepared, curled or straightened, pinned up, usage of temporary hair pieces and accouterments as desired. 

Starting at 95.- on-site Please arrive with clean, very dry hair. 

This is for average thickness with no pinning on clean, dry hair. Extra long or thick hair additional. 65./ stand alone, or  40.- added to a styling service. 

Hair Color and Other Services

Consultation is required if your hair has been previously colored or if you are new to Balayage and/or Hair Painting. All highlighting services start at 125.- for face-framing, averaging 195.- for a full head of hair of average thickness. 

I frequently use multiple techniques to achieve truly custom and tailored results. 

Grey coverage on roots or root retouch color. Includes my signature shampoo and blow dry. Please note this is not a lightening, bleaching, or double process service.  95.-

All over permanent/ grey coverage or semi-permanent SINGLE PROCESS color and customized haircut service. Multiple or extra colors, glazes, and highlights additional. Includes shampoo and blow dry. 175.-

Consultation required. Please book a complimentary consultation or email me current pictures of your hair and what you want it to look like. Pricing depends on the amount of products and processes required. To preserve the integrity of your hair, this may require multiple sessions. The final price per session is determined before service. Averages 255./ 1st 2 hours.

New Color Clients

I’d love to hear about your hair journey – the ups, downs, and everything in between. Sharing your “hair story” will help me provide the best experience during your visit.

Samantha Wilcox

 I’m an independent hairstylist based at Troupe Studio in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I provide haircuts, styling and color services for all genders, with a special interest in hair painting/balayage highlights and color.

My career as a licensed stylist began in 1994, after I served an apprenticeship at a small but extraordinary salon in Portsmouth.

I always seek the most modern, fashion-forward ways to cut, color, and style hair. As an apprentice, my Sassoon-trained instructor imprinted her cutting techniques and instilled the drive to further my coloring skills independently. When I worked for an Aveda salon, I availed myself of their in-house and out-of-state education opportunities, earning seven certificates in six years for color and styling. I have trained with or attended classes taught by Oscar Bond, Ashlee Norman, Dante Pronio, Maria Booth, Rowena Hiraga, and Pony Salon Education (for starters). I continually pursue education through relevant artists I admire and draw inspiration from.

Having many years of experience with multiple color lines and products, I currently prefer the groundbreaking companies G.M.Reverie and Davines for clean, natural, non-toxic styling products. I use the Italian color line Davines for the highest quality and lowest environmental impact. On occasion I will also use select color products from Goldwell and Wella.

The accountability I feel toward my clients and mentors inspires me to pursue excellence continually. Creating a beautiful world is something we can all contribute to in many ways! For me, this includes prioritizing kindness and diversity, while striving to provide superior service and luxurious, wearable results.

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